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All the perks and none of the work


Planning a solo vacation for yourself can be a daunting task and maybe even a little scary. It requires planning, research, flights, hotels, car rentals, etc, and you don’t need to add anything else to your to-do list.


We’ve done all the work, so you can rest and recharge.

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No planning required

We'll take care of all the headaches and make sure you know exactly where you're going.

No stress allowed

Moms need downtime to relax and replenish their emotional resources after years of managing everyone else's needs. Luxury Momcations is an exclusive, all-inclusive service that provides luxury and peace of mind without the hassle

No judgment zone

There is no judgment in our luxury group momcations; only relaxation. We know how difficult it can be to be a mom, so we don't judge. You are free to relax in our stress-free zone


Solo Not Solo

Not sure if you're ready to travel alone? That's okay!


We offer group momcations where you can meet new friends in a judgment-free zone and have a great time.


Come join us and enjoy a well-deserved vacation with your own private luxury suite.

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a solo vacation for moms with all the luxuries you deserve! 


By the end of your first day, we promise you'll feel refreshed, relaxed, and re-energized.


Rest assured, we've got this - our team of seasoned travel experts will take care of it all

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Spa Retreats

A Momcation spa retreat is a perfect way to de-stress and restart your body, mind, and soul. Tucked away in exotic locations,


you'll enjoy rejuvenating treatments, gourmet cuisine, and inspiring speakers. This is more than a spa getaway. It's your chance to relax, refresh, and renew all at once!