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All the FUN and none of the work


Planning a much-needed vacation for yourself can be a daunting task and maybe even a little scary. It requires planning, research, flights, hotels, car rentals, etc, and you don’t need to add anything else to your to-do list.


Luxury Momcations is a luxury travel agency that specializes in group trips for moms who are tired, burnt out or just needs a little "Me Time".


We offer stress-free beach vacations that include lots of pampering and relaxation.


Luxury Momcations is a great way for moms to escape the everyday stresses of life and enjoy some much-needed rest and relaxation.

Stop dreaming, and let us turn your desires into reality.


We will put your mind at ease, take care of everything and make the process incredible simple. We even offer $0 interest payment plans and options for your loved ones to give you the Gift of Travel.


Don't wait any longer, join us for our first annual 

~Adult Only~

Ultimate 2023 Mother's Day Momcation in Mexico.

(details below)

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Ultimate 2023 Mother's Day Momcation

May 12 - 16, 2023

Still need convincing...?

No planning required

We'll take care of all the headaches and make sure you know exactly where you're going.

No stress allowed

Moms need downtime to relax and replenish their emotional resources after years of managing everyone else's needs. Luxury Momcations is an exclusive, all-inclusive service that provides luxury and peace of mind without the hassle

No judgment zone

There is no judgment at Luxury Momcations; only relaxation. We know how difficult it can be to be a mom, so we don't judge. You are free to relax, as we create your personal stress-free zone


Solo Not Solo

Not sure if you're ready to travel alone? That's okay!


We offer group momcations where you can meet new friends in a judgment-free zone or bask in your solitude. 


join our first of many mom-cations and experience all the luxuries you deserve.