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The Travel Professional’s weekly planner allows you to keep track of your responsibilities and goals, as well as schedule your time appropriately. The power of weekly planning lies in the roadmap it provides for your life and business. This planner will help lay a foundation for success. This planner can greatly reduce your stress, by giving you the peace of mind of knowing that you have formulated a plan of action to obtain your goals. This planner was specifically developed for Travel Professionals who desire to start, build or scale a thriving travel business.

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When you attend this FREE marketing masterclass you’ll get a copy of the fill-in-the-blank Travel Agent Marketing Blueprint. Then at the end of the class Heidi will be making you a very special offer to you - a listener of the Travel Agent Podcast - to join the Travel Expert Marketing Academy if you want help implementing your blueprint. Whether or not you choose to join the academy you’ll love this informative marketing class so I highly recommend that you attend.

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